Special Offer! Camac Bardic 22 with travelling cover. 
Was $2900 
Now $2000 plus freight from Adelaide Colours in stock:
•Light brown
•Dark Green 
•Lime Green 
Height - 77cm (without legs) 
Height - 95cm (with legs)
Weight - 6kg 
Range - 22 strings (1A to 4A) 
Stringing - Special nylon for Bardic 
Woods - Birch and beech for the body. Spruce for the sound board. 

This popular lever harp is intended for beginners and for the travelling harpist. You will find the Bardic to be a lightweight harp making it very ideal for transport. Available with 22 nylon strings, standard spacing, a rich and powerful sound and outstanding Camac metal levers, the Bardic can be played either set directly on the floor, or raised on their detachable legs. A backpack  style cover is also included. In addition to their fine acoustic qualities, the Bardic harps are priced to make them as affordable as possible.  



*Eagletone CT50 Clip On Tuner*
An ultra simple and effective clip tuner:
  • Rapid and accurate detection.
  •  A button to turn the tuner on or off and choose the tuning mode. 
  •  A button to select A4.
  •  A large LCD screen that lights up in green when the note is in tune.
  • A 360° swivelling head.
  •  It stores the selected settings from one session to the other.
  • Power saving mode (turns off automatically if there is no signal for 5 minutes).

Technical specifications:
  • Tuning modes: Chromatic
  • Tuning range: A0 (27.5 Hz) C8 (4186 Hz)
  • Accuracy: ± 1 hundredt
  •  A4: 430 450 Hz
  • Power supply: 3V (CR2032) battery supplied
  • Dimensions : 34 x 37 x 48 mm
  • Weight: 25g

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